I first came to Valerie Ducos three weeks after major cancer surgery. The surgeons had removed half of my stomach, my gallbladder, a foot of my intestines and a third of my pancreas and I was starting chemotherapy. I could barely get up on the table the first time I visited Valerie. She not only used needles, but gave me chi exercises and herb therapy as well. I came to her suffering from the side effects of chemo and then radiation and her treatment would significantly lessen my nausea, fatigue and pain. She not only treated my body, but I would be emotionally and mentally strengthened through her work. Now, seven months later, I am cancer free, going to the gym, working a full schedule, gaining weight and feeling whole. I know it is my job to remain well and part of this journey will include the wonderful healing art of acupuncture in general and Valerie Ducos, in specific. She has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of my wellness. 

~ Kitty 

"Valerie Ducos has been treating me since I had hip resurfacing surgery to decrease pain, increase mobility and healing. Within 30 days I was walking without a limp, pain free and was able to participate fully in yoga! My recovery was twice as fast as the surgeon had predicted, all thanks to Valerie's help!" 

***~ Dr. Micheal Blum 

"I had neuropathy in my feet. It felt like I was walking on sand. Valerie did treatments and within three weeks my right foot was healed and there is only a slight numbness in my left foot. I am so happy you have no idea, to have my feet back. She also did treatment for Allergy-Flu. I had one treatment and her herbal recommendations and I was healed." 

***~ Dr. Yvonne Handy 

Valerie is an excellent acupuncturist from whom I receive acupuncture treatments regularly. She is a wonderful people - person with a positive attitude, who seeks to bring the best of Chinese medicine to her patients, friends and family. Valerie is talented, professional, well educated & well traveled. Her dedication to Chinese Medicine combined with her wonderful sense of humor and deep sense of compassion are part of what makes her the true healer she is. I would and do recommend her highly to anyone seeking help form Chinese medicine.  

~ "Viveka" 

I started acupuncture sessions with Valerie Ducos in September of 2007. I had been dealing with a DVT blood clot in my entire left leg since January, 2007. My Hematologist said he could not keep me on Coumadin and recommended acupuncture. She started treatment with me as well as put me on herbs and in a couple of months I started seeing a difference in the coloring of my leg and noticed a decrease in the amount of swelling after physical activity. When I went off Coumadin medication at the end of 2007, Valerie put me on a stronger herb mix. I then had an ultrasound mid February, 2008 and was told that my blood clot was completely gone!! I couldn't believe it! The acupuncture and herbs helped tremendously and the sessions with Valerie not only made me feel better physically, but helped emotionally and spiritually as well. She is wonderful!!                                       

~ Ryan

Dear Valerie,

Where to begin? We feel like we owe you so much. We have a beautiful, healthy baby boy in now small part thanks to you. You really helped me to see the light in my darkest hour and realize that I would have a healthy baby in my life. Clearly there aren't enough words that allow Nathan and I to convey our thanks adequately. Please know that you've been in our thoughts and will continue to be always. I hope to stop by and visit you in the near future. Until then, we send you lots of love and a kiss from baby Julian

Heather, Nathan and baby Julian

"I went to see Valerie in the first trimester of my pregnancy because of back pain. I continued to get regular treatment throughout my whole pregnancy, not only because acupuncture works, but it is also very relaxing. Valerie is the most caring and gentle person I've known. I had a lot of fear since it was my first pregnancy, and Valerie has been a great support. She gave me many valuable tips and advice, always makes sure I eat healthy, that I take care of myself and my baby. Baby Mayah was born on June 20th, 2009. I love breastfeeding her. I still see Valerie today to help me with my milk supply. Acupuncture can help with so many things! Thank you Valerie!"


Long story short, I couldn't get pregnant and with Valerie's treatments
and collection of herbs, took us less than 2 months! And what a joy, not
just pregnant with one child, but twins.( I should mentioned, that my OBGYN
had me on medication as well). Just wanted to say "Thank you!" and share my experience.

Valerie Ducos L.Ac. 
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Sherman  Oaks CA 
Phone: 818 257 1114

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